Ever since the split between Hero and Honda became official there have been all kinds of reports about the way Hero would furrow while Honda’s route is pretty clear.  It was first said that Hero would start creating a new R&D set up and then some reports about Hero moving into manufacture of diesel motorcycles surfaced along with speculation that Hero could look at other manufacturers for joint ventures while its R&D team was building and gaining strength.  Somewhere in all this din, Honda is quoted as having said that it would not be too averse to the idea of giving new technology to Hero in the future at a cost, of course.  This was followed with reports that Hero would get the 110cc engine that Honda uses in its very successful CB Twister and that Honda was also giving new engine tech for scooters to Hero.  None of this has had any definite confirmation from either of the two.  Yet again the web is alive with rumours this time originating from Hero about how it has the rights to all the existing platforms and how it can choose to modify them if it chooses and that it is also open to using new tech from Honda.  One website has quoted the Chief Finance Officer of all people about this technology transfer thing.  The said officer has claimed that Hero could change all, including the CBZ, while other reports have always said that CBZ and CD are property of Honda. Right now things are confusing, at least for us, and we hope things will be clearer soon.