Some websites are suggesting that the Punto and the Linea in India, made by India will receive a face lift to bring excitement back to the prospective customer.  The introduction of the TJet engine in the Linea has not done what was expected of it, increase sales.  Fiat is in a piquant position in India with sales not being where they should be despite having cars that offer both petrol and diesel engines and are sturdily built.  Enough postmortem has been done on his including accusations being levelled at Tata Motors with whom Fiat shares dealers and space for its cars at the dealerships, that Tata dealers are not interested in pushing Fiat cars.  There could be some truth in this because some of us have been to Tata dealers where the Fiat cars were not even on display.  Keeping in view the situation, we think that a face lift will ultimately remain just that, without possibly impacting on sales, since the problem does not lie with the looks or with the engineering.