Well this is yet again Indian Autos Blog but there isn’t too much new here.  The report says that Tata is readying a goods carrier on the Magic Iris platform and that it will also have a pan India launch of the passenger version of the Magic Iris which was launched in Jaipur last year, ostensibly for test marketing.  Aesthetically challenged the Magic Iris maybe, but we think it is the ideal replacement for this horrible contraption called autorickshaw which plays havoc in city traffic in India.  Four wheels without power steering in our opinion is good recipe to keep drivers from driving free style and trying to squeeze into openings where the rear of the auto does not fit.  We say bring on the Magic Iris and ban the autorickshaw.  Now that we have finished that part let us go on to the other vehicle that is likely to be launched.  The Safari Merlin is being touted as a replacement for the Safari and test mules have been spotted for God only knows how long.  If the test mules are anything to go by the only upgrade seems to be the front end, the rest of the vehicle looking the same.  But since it is undergoing prolonged testing can it be assumed that Tata is using the old body as a decoy?  Maybe or maybe not.