According to a report in the Economic Times sales of the Tata Nano have exceeded 10,000 units for the first time since it launch.  The Nano has had a baptism of fire, literally, with a few Nanos having caught fire.  Before that Tata’s plans for the Nano were derailed when Mamata Banerjee led a rebellion at Singur (where the plant for the manufacture of Nano was more than half built) leading the car maker move from the east to the west when it finally found a home in Sanand in Gujarat.  This chequered history meant that the Nano did not drive into the homes of people in droves, as was widely anticipated.  In November of 2010 Nano sales reached a nadir of 505 units, making Tata Motors take cognizance of things, which they did.  Since then the sales of the Nano have been on the rise.  A 700 cc twin cylinder direct injection diesel is likely to be introduced into the Nano by the end of this year.  Stories doing the round point to a 40 kmpl consumption by the diesel Nano, though the price of the car itself is likely to go up.  There are rumours of a CVT Nano coming in next year.  While Tata may have found a little to cheer about the Nano, they have a great reason to grieve the sales of the Indica and the Indigo range which have nose dived, with neither car making it into the top ten selling vehicles for two months in a row now.  Over and above this the Aria continues to be white elephant with hardly any sales.  Tata Motors has an unenviable job on hand if it has to make lost ground.