One does not usually associate complaining (except about Rossi) with Casey Stoner.  His style is to get on to the bike and do his thing, which is riding very fast and occasionally crashing.  Rarely do you hear him say negative things about his steed.  Estoril has provided that instance this year.  Stoner has been fast from the moment he got on to the Honda this season.  Yesterday in the first free practice, he was dethroned by Simoncelli and in the second free practice he ended up only in fifth, behind Rossi in fourth.  He then complained that the bike was not turning very well and that there were set up problems.  That is very different from what he said in the last few outings.  Then he said that he can go faster still and every body thought that the Honda was turning like it was on rails.  So what went wrong yesterday?  Right now we don’t know, but qualifying practice and the race itself should throw up some answers.