Casey Stoner’s meteoric rise in 2007 on the Ducati rankled Rossi enough to dislike him big time.  Not used to losing, Rossi started riding tactically once the Yamaha improved and in 2008 at Laguna Seca put questionable moves (at least from Stoner’s point of view) that led to Stoner crashing out.  The relationship between the two has never been good and the bad blood only increased thanks to fans who booed Stoner when he won and applauded when he crashed.  While Rossi has been the darling of all with his fun antics and accessibility, Stoner has an air of aloofness and sometimes arrogance and that his been the main reason why fans give the differential treatment.  Yesterday after free practice both riders accused each other of various things.  It all started with Stoner saying that Rossi was waiting to get a tow from him and also saying that Rossi is practically riding the same bike that he won thrice on towards the end of last year.  Rossi was quick to deny that he was looking for a tow and reminded that Casey Stoner crashed three times on the bike towards the end of they year.  Stoner is still simmering with anger about Jerez even though the actions of the track marshalls have been given a clean chit by the FIM.    J-Lo, no not her, this guy called Jorge Lorenzo who tries to emulate Rossi but fails every time did not want to be left out of controversy so he targetted Simoncelli.  He said that the way Simoncelli rides is a danger for everyone on the track.  Obviously J-Lo is miffed with Simoncelli’s pace.  Simoncelli did not seem to care too much for J-Lo’s opinions.  Poor J-Lo does not have a following to listen to his rant except for his Spanish fans (those ten or twenty who go to all grands prix).