Williams F1 is most definitely one of the hallowed names in F1 and was a dominant force through the  nineteen eighties and nineteen nineties.  The new millennium has seen the team go into rapid decline with both co-owners Frank Williams and Patrick Head ageing and slowly losing control.  Toto Wolff a one time racer and racing fan was sold some shares and he gained a minority holding in the team.  Last year however citing finance crunch team Williams floated shares in Germany.  In this process Patrick Head sold out most of his shares and Frank Williams also off loaded some of his.  Doubts came up when Head cashed his money out completely.  After this Toto Wolff has been seen playing a greater role in the team.  Frank Williams who is still Team Principal does not travel to all races owing mainly to advancing age and his being confined to a wheel chair.  This year has started disastrously for Williams and a few weeks ago their Technical Director Sam Michael vowed to fix the problems with the car and took complete responsibility for what was happening in the team.  He even said that he is willing to step down completely if the situation demands.  It has now emerged that Adam Parr who is the Chairman of Williams F1 may wants precisely that to happen.  It is being said that along with Sam Michael’s another head may roll.  That will be Jon Tomlinson the Chief Aerodynamicist’s.  It is also being said that Patrick Head will be eased out.  Some suggest that Sam Michael is fine and that it is the mismanagement by Adam Parr that has landed Williams where it is today.  Rubens Barrichello is one of the people who believes this.  Perhaps Barrichello himself should not be in the team.  Irrespective of who is to blame it is sad to see Williams F1 go down the way it is.