Casey Stoner has exonerated Valentino Rossi of the charge of intentionally making the mishap between them at Jerez.  He also said that there was no question of any payback since it was an honest mistake on Rossi’s part.  When quizzed about his quip that Rossi did not have the talent to match the ambition he clarified that he only said he ran out of talent. A very bad attempt at defence but no one can hold it against Stoner for being angry at having been taken out immediately after the crash. It is a World Championship where stakes are high and at the end of the season even a single point can make the difference between Champion and not being champion.  Stoner however, rubbished suggestions that it was not the duty of the marshalls to help fallen riders get back on to their bikes by saying that this was an established practice from many, many years ago.  He still holds it against the marshalls at Jerez for not helping him push start the bike.