Niki Lauda along with Jackie Stewart is a sure bet to give comments on anything under the F1 sun.  Niki Lauda has assessed the performance of Felipe Massa at Ferrari and Mark Webber at Red Bull Racing.  Lauda believes that Massa and Webber are not in the same league as Vettel and Alonso.  He believes that next year could see changes in the form of replacements for these personnel.  But so far Massa has been doing better than Alonso even though it is only in the midfield and knowing Alonso’s proclivities for wanting a number two driver a la Schumacher it is not in the realm of improbability that Massa will continue at Ferrari.  Webber could be different.  After the last grand prix Webber expressed happiness at Vettel not winning.  But that could be in the context of his wanting to challenge for the World Championship as well, after being done in by the car in the first two races.  Whatever the reason, Vettel is not going to like that and will be looking at someone less competitive than Webber as his team mate.  Toro Rosso drivers Buemi and Alguersuari are under pressure to perform since there are other drivers like Daniel Ricciardo waiting in the wings.  Good performances from them could be rewarded with a seat in RBR.