Irrespective of the spiel that Ron Dennis and Martin Whitmarsh give about what a wonderful and fair team McLaren is, they have the penchant of getting themselves into controversy seamlessly every once in a while.  After being hugely hit by the espionage scandal one would have thought McLaren would be more careful in its dealings.  It is now being revealed that McLaren were very close to signing a sponsorship deal with the oppressive regime of Muammar Qaddhafi.  It has now been disclosed that Qadhafi’s son Saif was contacted and a deal to put “Visit Libya” stickers on McLaren F1 cars was almost made but was aborted in the last minute.  McLaren already has money from the troubled regime of Bahrain.  What was that we said, its all about money honey, right?  To be fair to McLaren even Mercedes has Middle Eastern money in the form of Abaar Holdings equity in the team and so does Ferrari in the form of Mubadala.