Bernie Ecclestone the famous ring master of the F1 circus wants to give more time to Bahrain for deciding whether it will be in a position to host a race later this season given the political problems that it is facing in the form of an uprising demanding democracy and freedom.  Bahrain could not host what was to be the season opener in March and was given time up to the 1st of May, to decide on a later date.  But there is yet no end to the political crisis there even as the deadline looms large.  Bernie Ecclestone is all for extending that deadline to give some time to the regime in Bahrain to set its house in order.  Ecclestone obviously does not sympathize with the pro-democracy protestors and seems to have chosen to ignore that open letter written to him by the protestors through Facebook.  What did we say before?  Its all about money, honey and good old Bernie loves the stuff.