The Biennial Auto Expo in India is the biggest in Asia and one of the biggest in the world for reasons that are unique to it.  It does not have the same pride of place that auto shows in Thailand, China and Japan have leave alone places like Germany and Switzerland.  The Auto Expo has a record number of footfalls that are in excess of 2 million and that means that there is a surging mass of people, congestion and inadequate space despite Pragati Maidan being a fairly big place.  The last Auto Expo in 2010 saw all kinds of organizational glitches and a lot of complaints especially from the motoring journalists.  In order to avoid the pandemonium of last year, the Expo organizers (SIAM) are considering splitting the Expo into two different venues one in Pragati Maidan and the other in Greater Noida.  The thinking is to shift the ancillaries and parts manufacturers to another place to decongest.  But how this proposal will be received is yet to be seen.  The problem is that a large number of people go to the show not to look at the vehicles on display but the women who are on display along with the vehicles.  We think that if the women are taken out of the equation, footfalls will fall drastically and the Expo can be held peacefully in Pragati Maidan itself.  But then what of the revenues?  Its all about money, honey.