In a move that was anticipated, Tony Fernandes has bought out the specialist car manufacturer Caterham.  Caterham makes only one model of car based on the Lotus7 designed by the legendary Colin Chapman who was the founder of Lotus.  It is well known that Tony Fernandes is locked in a legal tussle with Group Lotus over the use of “Team Lotus”.  The Chapman family has thrown its weight behind Group Lotus saying that they don’t want the dream of Colin Chapman to be torn into many entities.  It is being speculated that Tony Fernandes purchased Caterham to put in place plan B that would involve the changing of Team Lotus into Caterham F1 in case he loses the court case.  Fernandes has denied that as the basis for his move claiming that he always wanted to be a car manufacturer and therefore has taken this step.  Not many are buying this argument. Fernandes has denied that there will be an immediate name change to the F1 team, saying that he will wait for the verdict and that there is nothing wrong with two Lotus teams in F1 just as there are two Manchester teams (United and City) in football in the English Premier League.  He however said that at some point he will change his Air Asia GP2 team to Air Asia Caterham GP2.