In what seems to be a clear message that it wants to continue hosting the MotoGP races, Indianapolis has decided to repave the circuit.  Indianapolis has a contract with organisers Dorna for this year and the contract will come up for renewal then.  The other circuit in America is Laguna Seca which has a contract till 2012.  It has been reported already that Dorna has signed a 10 year deal starting 2013 with the Circuit of Americas, Austin, Texas.  This led to thinking about a possibility of the axe for either Indianapolis or Laguna Seca.  There has been speculation that America could have three GPs.  However, news emerging out of Austin is that a $25 million guarantee for the races to have been written by the local government has fallen apart and that his could mean that the MotoGP race at Austin could be a non-starter.  Let us wait and see which way this murky thing goes.