Hindustan Motors has a tremendous knack of selling cars that have long ceased production elsewhere in the world.  The shining example of this is the Ambassador, sold about half a century ago in Britain as the Morris Oxford.  The Ambassador continues to sell even after the rest of the world forgot about it.  Now HM has added another vehicle to its list of old cars, the Pajero of a few generations ago.  While newer generations of the Pajero/Montero have come and gone, HM is steadfastly selling the Pajero which many consider to the best made by Mitsubishi.  A true off roader, that relied on a ladder chassis rather than the monocoque versions that followed and qualify them more as soft roaders than a hardcore off roader.  HM has managed to keep customer interest alive in the old Pajero with its usual bag of tricks mainly involving paint changes.  Now the exiting engine has been detuned to make it BSIV compliant.  This report is courtesy of Motorbeam.com