Premier Automobiles Limited, one of the two pioneering car makers of India (the other being Hindustan Motors) was caught in a quagmire of a number of problems in the last decade of the 2oth Century and sank without a trace, or so we thought.  But over the last one year Maitreyi Doshi’s Premier is trying to stage a comeback with the Rio, which is a small SUV of Chinese design and using the old Peugeot engine which it has rights over.  But the aging engine does not meet pollution standards (BS4) or customer demands.  In order to stop itself from sinking again, Fiat has turned to its old partner Fiat, whose fortunes were sealed in this country when the Uno which was overwhelmingly booked had no deliveries because of  a strike that crippled Premier.  When Fiat finally came into India on their own diesel power, it realized that the Indian car buyer suffered from very bad memories of Fiat.  Also the fact that Fiat internationally ran into problems and had an indifferent set of dealers did not help.  But Fiat’s international fortunes have turned around thanks to its multijet diesel engines and the Grande Punto.  However in India, Fiat’s fortunes have bettered only marginally.  But its 1.3 multijet engine powers not just its cars but also Tata cars and Maruti cars.  Now Fiat’s old partner (or should we way nemesis) has decided to jump onto th multijet bandwagon it seems.  What will happen? That only time will tell, though we have an inkling, but we are not saying it aloud.