We all know about the horrific crash that Polish F1 driver Robert Kubica suffered when he had an accident in a Skoda Fabia car in a rally in February before the start of the F1 season.  Kubica is a known fan of rallying and was using his spare time rallying, when he suffered the horrific crash that first threatened to take his life and then his right hand.  Miraculously however, Kubica not only lived but also had his almost severed right hand kept intact after surgery.  But it has taken four major surgeries to get Kubica to keep his limb intact.  Kubica has been in hospital to stave off any problems of post-surgery infections.  It is now being reported that Kubica will be discharged and will go home from where he has to continue his long recuperation.  Physio therapy will be required and it is more or less certain that Kubica will not return to racing this year with the Lotus Renault F1 team to whom he is contracted.