Jaguar, the British luxury and sports car maker was languishing in the hands of Ford when it decided to sell it. The Tatas gained possession of the brand along with Land Rover. While Land Rover was profitable at the time of purchase, Jaguar was not. The Tatas therefore have been spending considerable time, energy and money in returning Jaguar to profitable ways. And it seems to be paying of, since not only is the world looking at these cars with renewed interest but also purchasing cars from the marque in larger numbers. The management does not want this trend to ebb and has been introducing newer and exciting models to potential customers. At the New York Auto Show, Jaguar have shown an exciting new sports convertible in the form of the potent little XK and the XKR Coupe, which come with a 2.2 litre turbo diesel engines that will take care of concerns of pollution, performance and fuel economy. At the said show, Jaguar also showed a face lifted range of XFR cars. Good for you Jaguar and Tata.