The Kizashi from Suzuki was to be the car that would make the car maker from Hamamatsu a player of consequence in the difficult to crack market that is the United States of America. Fellow Japanese companies, Toyota and Honda have a strong presence there but Suzuki has been battling to get a proper foot hold there. The Kizashi, though considered to be an excellent product, somehow did not capture the imagination of the Americans to the extent that Suzuki would have actually liked. Suzuki seems to want to rectify that with the showing of two concept cars based on the Kizashi. One is called the Apex, and features colour schemes that are reminiscent of Suzuki Superbikes, that have a good brand recall in the US of A. The plan is to get the Americans to believe that the Kizashi packs in all the punches that race winning motorcycles of Suzuki do. The second concept called EcoCharge is the unfortunate but now regular practice of presenting “green solutions” to those glitteratti who believe in making stupid political statements. With these two products Suzuki hopes to firmly kick start the Kizashi’s and thereby its own fortunes in America.