The President of the FIA Jean Todt has been calling for making motorsport in general and Formula1 in particular more green.  As a part of this agenda a proposal to introduce a new engine formula of engines of 1600 cc with turbo charging was mooted and placed before the teams.  It is believed that last year all the teams agreed to it but in the recent past the two cowboys of F1 Bernie Ecclestone and Luca Di Montezemolo having been crying hoarse saying that this engine formula will reduce F1 to a joke.  What has been bothering Ecclestone is the sound or actually the lack of it from the new engines.  Bernie always the savvy man when it comes to marketability of things, believes that this will mean the death knell of TV interest in the sport.  And it is very well known that Ecclestone is more bothered about TV audiences than the ones that actually attend a GP.  Luca Di Montezemolo has other concerns.  He says Ferrari does not and never will make cars of 1600 cc.  So he says for him, the investment there is meaningless.  However, Adam Parr of Williams F1 has another take.  He says that new engine manufacturers will not enter the sport if it does not show dynamism and ability to adapt to new thinking.  He therefore supports the new initiative.  Mercedes Benz motorsport boss Norbert Haug and Renault’s Eric Boullier have also extended support to the new formula and have said that they are not willing to turn back.  But drivers Jenson Button and Sebastian Vettel have supported the other side.  Button said he personally prefers V10s but Vettel has gone one step forward and claimed that he wants V12s and no KERS.  Interesting debate this.  We would go with Vettel for sure.