Wheelsunplugged.com has put out a very interesting story about India Yamaha Motors.  Saying that the company was unable to sell enough vehicles in the mass segment of 100cc and 125cc the company is looking for a local partner who can provide inexpensive technology and manufacturing processes to take on the might of Hero Honda, Bajaj, TVS and Honda India.  The report even says that India Yamaha Motors is willing to divest a part of its share to the local partner who has this ability.  Apparently this proposal was put in front of some banks which claim to have suggested some names already and that Yamaha will revert back to them in a couple of weeks.  If this report is true, then it is strange, unless of course, Yamaha is sending signals to any of the biggies that it is open for collaboration.  Hero has ended its joint venture with Honda and will get Honda’s support for only three more years.  Could Yamaha be looking at Hero?  Or is it looking at Bajaj which is known for its frugal engineering practices?  Well the last two questions are our imagination running “riot” but could be somehow true, especially since Hero has no R&D of its own but knows the Indian market rather well.