General Motors has designed a new State of the Art one litre engine featuring three cylinders. This engine has been jointly designed by GM Torino (Turin) and GM India and will be first used in India before it goes to any other part of the world. GM will be producing the engine at its Talegaon plant near Pune in Maharashtra. In its Indian specs the engine will produce 140Nm@1750 RPM while globally it would have 120Nm@1250 RPM. The company has not revealed the horsepower figures.

Features of the engine include an iron block, aluminum DOHC cylinder head, lifetime maintenance-free timing chain, centrifugal blowby separator filter for lower oil consumption, low-noise timing gears, a balancer shaft for state-of-the-art NVH and a precisely sized waste-gated turbocharger. This engine will find its way into the Chevrolet Beat that is destined for a second half of 2011 launch. We had reported earlier that the engine will probably be branded XSDE or Xtra Smart Diesel Engine. It remains to be seen if that will be the final nomenclature.

“GM India President & Managing Director Karl Slym said, “This new state-of-the-art turbo-diesel engine will enhance the competitiveness of our Chevrolet line-up in the Indian market. The addition of diesel options to our portfolio will continue to improve our sales volume and market share,” Slym added.