Mark Webber who has found tremendous disfavor with Helmut Marko at Red Bull Racing has a contract that ends at the end of this year. Given the fact that Helmut Marko wields great power in driver management at RBR and also that Mark Webber has so far been outshone by the young gun Sebastian Vettel for whom Marko has oodles of affection, it is unlikely that Webber will find his contract being extended. Helmut Marko is an Austro-German patriot and is eyeing an all German line up for next year. He has Nico Rosberg firmly in his sights. Though Rosberg is contracted to Mercedes GP, there will be the usual exit clause which says a person can leave if the team is not performing to a certain level. Mercedes GP has been languishing midfield since the last season and if things don’t change radically soon, Rosberg could be in another all German team.