Wheelsunplugged.com is talking about Vibgyor Vehicles expanding their portfolio to accommodate a new scooter and a three wheeler. Vibgyor apparently sells motorcycles from 100 cc capacity to 150 cc. Presumably they are made in collaboration with some Chinese manufacturer. The only time anyone heard about this company was only when they along with their brand ambassador Saurav Ganguly were pulled up by a court of law for some kind of malpractice. Their bikes can be seen on bikedekho.com and their own website. What is intriguing is where do they sell their bikes? Like Vibgyor, another West Bengal based company, Xenitis also launched some bikes a couple of years ago and even advertised them on TV. But they seem to have sunk without a trace. Before the sinking they showed an ambitious plan of making everything from two wheelers to trucks. Wonder if Vibgyor is also headed that way. Heck, they did not even show up briefly like a rainbow.