Remember Kimi Raikonnen, that man who won an F1 World Championship with Ferrari? If you do, then you will also remember that he was rendered subprime in the prime of his driving life by Ferrari. All because he was asking for too much money and doing too little and so they decided to replace him by buying his contract out and putting Fernando Alonso in his place in the team. A baffling decision that, considering the fact that Raikonnen had performed better than Massa generally. An explanation was when Alonso politely requested the Ferrari team to ask Massa to make way for him. Raikonnen did not have the win at all costs attitude that a certain Michael Schumacher and Alonso have in plenty. So Raikonnen went on to do the thing he liked most after F1 which was rallying. The Citroen junior team gave him a car and Raikonnen proceeded to have some spectacular crashes which made no impression on rallying as a sport. At the end of last year Raikonnen’s father passed away and speculation was rife that Kimi would hang up his helmet and all the other racing paraphernalia once and for all. That turned out to be inaccurate since Raikonnen has rented a Citroen and with the help on some personal sponsorship has submitted an entry for this year’s WRC. But Raikonnen has now surprised all by taking his first steps into NASCAR racing, home of a number of F1 refugees such as Juan Pablo Montoya. Raikonnen is not competing in the Sprint Cup series, which is the apex of NASCAR but in trucks which is more the entry level, if you like. Our own Narain Kartikeyan was there last year in the truck series also was racing in the Superleague Formula racing before signing up for this year with HRT and so far enjoying F1 racing by watching it from the pit garage of his team since the HRT cars did not qualify. Apparently like Narain last year, Kimi will compete in two series, in this case the WRC and NASCAR. As long as he does not end up at HRT next year, one can feel relaxed about him.