It is well known that Tata Motors has been taking a huge hit in the car bazaar with most of its products not finding enough buyers. The Safari Storme conclusively demonstrated that small and piecemeal changes will not bring buyers into showrooms. The arrival of Karl Slym as head honcho of Tata Motors was with the aim to revive the product line up and Tata had launched the Horizon Next initiative which was a very stop gap arrangement. In the long term Tata seems to have chosen to completely revamp existing products including changing of names.

The Vista and Manza ¬†that are built on the X1 platform are the ones chosen for the revamp and they will be changed with no resemblance to the existing cars. The platform will remain the same. This project has been designated “Falcon” and Falcon 4 will be the hatchback and Falcon 5 will be a sub-4 metre sedan. Interestingly enough it is being said that the sedan will be launched first sometime late in 2014 and that will be followed by the hatchback. However Tata has said that the hatchback will be showed at the Auto Expo in February, 2014 but we are not sure if the sedan also will be shown. Falcon is not the name that the cars will bear; to find out what they will be called we can only wait.