Maruti Suzuki A-Star Aktiv Front 3/4

New graphics on the side, front, rear and roof make the A-Star Aktiv exterior. The limited edition model also gets the A-Star Aktiv Logo, red mirrors on the outside, red spoiler, red bumper, blacked out B-Pillars and a red sculpted plate in place of the fog lamps.

Inside the theme continues with new stylish seat covers, steering wheel cover, floor mats, rear parcel tray, door sill guard and a keyless security system. Maruti Suzuki says the exciting 14 new features on the A-star Atkiv have been valued at an Rs. 14,990 which probably means a price increase of the same value.

Explaining the outlook on A-star Atkiv, Manohar Bhat, Vice President (Marketing) Maruti Suzuki India Limited said , “A-Star is one of the most vibrant brands in our product portfolio. Some of its high points such as contemporary styling, dynamic handling and ride quality, best in class turning radius, power, flat torque and superior performance has made A-star a popular choice especially amidst the youth. The stylish modifications in the A-Star Aktiv are in line with our plans to offer our young and energetic customers a sleeker, more stylish and feature packed A-Star. We are confident that this special edition will bring pride to the select owners who get to possess it.”

While we aren’t big fans of the trend of swapping c’s for k’s, we think the A-Star Aktiv looks ‘zingy’ and is a much needed refresh for the aging model. Unless of course, you prefer the newer Alto 800.

Maruti Suzuki A Star Aktiv 02