Sanjeev Bhushan writes:

I had posted a review on the ever growing social networking website about one of my more preferred stores for purchasing value, comfort and performance adding parts for my car. What do you know, a day later, I send a batch sms to my colleagues asking for a hang-out. And this guy texts me asking if I would do a write-up on the experiences I have had with this dealership or should I say, brand-name. I was more than willing to write about the brand, the store, the people, the facilities, the choices, the quality, the trust and much more that was attached to a place named Siremull Hirachand’s Tyrestore.

I was a small kid back in the late 1990s when my dad had a trusty old Amabassador that was done up to the level it is being sold today by HM. All it lacked was a good set of rubber to keep her feet steady on the road. We had roamed around Bombay(Now Mumbai for most people. I still prefer to call it Bombay) for a good set of tyres that was demanded by the powerful Isuzu 2.4 litre engine that was retrofitted. We had to roam around for a week to find good tyres. We owned four more ambys, a Contessa and a Ford Escort before moving on. MRF’s ZVTS were good enough for the Escort and we were too attached to the MRF brand image to move on. So when we got ourselves the next non-amby car in the early 21st Century, we were worried on finding the right store for the new babe in the garage. The only two changes were the car make and the city. Madras was not among the auto-hubs in 2000. The Opel Astra Club 1.7 TD with Intercooler was one beauty of a vehicle and a beast inside the hood. A true car enthusiast who loves driving would definitely quote it in one of the best cars of its age. After a couple of days, we finally dropped in on Greams Road to give it one last shot. First thing we noticed was Siremull Hirachand’s Tyrestore. So my dad said that we would check if something fitting was available to replace the MRFs that were on her at the same time be good enough to handle her power. We were recommended to change over to a set of Michelins. The first thing we noticed on the highway drive was the reduction in road noise as described by the people at Tyrestore and that was the start of a relationship between us and Tyrestore.

A decade later, the air is filled with friendly selling methodology, a educative description of the options and the choices one has, a demonstration if need be, the best in technology, the best in quality direct from the manufacturers of the best tyres you could dream of for your baby, and the only thing that has changed to date, is the location of the store from times I’ve known.

Sanjeev with his Silver Aerion

A decade earlier, we owned a Lancer and as usual, we went to Tyrestore for a tyre change. We were advised to fit Michelin Pilot Preceda Tyres, a luxury back then. Being told that the performance and comfort was better than other tyres, my dad and I were ready for experimenting. Comfort has no value. A few hundreds above the norm was not a parameter to pull people who like their cars down. And there went the love affair with Michelin to the next step. Deepak, his dad and Tyrestore played cupid. Now, fifteen years and twenty cars later, every vehicle that I buy, the first thing we do, get the vehicle across to Tyrestore, fit on the most appropriate Michelin tyres that we can get. Every brand has its own image promoters and Michelin has the best with Tyrestore.

The first store to get Nitrogen air for filling tyres in India, the first store to get a automated tyre fitment machine, wheel balancers, alignment done to perfection, etc; you name it, you get it at Tyrestore. I felt a little off my comfort zone buying car-care products outside with other people but now, I can get them here as well.

If ever you need some new tyre specification that is not available in India but elsewhere, you know the place to get it down here, delivered with utmost care and courteousness.

From Ambys to Rolls Royce, from Tata to MAN-FM, from Bajaj to Harley-Davidson, if ever you wanted something that has rubber on it and your vehicle needs it badly, Tyrestore is the best place to be at.

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Riot Engine would like to thank Sanjeev Bhushan for his time. If you you’ve had a different experience with this business, or any other brand, dealer, service center, please do send us a mail at feedback[at]